Anna the Hulagan can be booked for private and corporate events, as well as stage shows, walkabout and group performances.  Fee’s vary, please contact directly for more information. Thank You!



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Anna the Hulagan’s stage shows are like no other.  She is an award-winning fire hoop performer with a residency at the legendary Cafe de Paris, London.

Gigs:  Every Friday & Saturday night, come watch Anna @ Cafe de Paris !   

Her signature act, ‘The Pheonix’ is an homage to both traditional and neo-burlesque, circus, fire performance and spontaneity.

Music:  Instrumental of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ & ‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and the Machine.

‘Paradise Found’ can be both a solo show and a double act, performed with singer, Babsical Babs.  It is a sweet, little comedy cabaret act:  A bored angel in heaven, discovers her halo could be a hula hoop but must remove her wings to keep hooping!  ‘God’ gets angry, so she goes down to hell in a blaze of Cowgirl glory!

Music:  ‘O Fortuna’ by Carl Orff & ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash

‘Mirror Mirror’ can be both a non-fire and a fire act.  The costume is the main attraction – a Mirror Ball costume!

Music:  ‘Pure Pleasure Seeker’ by Moloko


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With her wild and wonderful costumes, the Hulagan is a spectacular addition to your party with her LED hoop and dancin’ feet!  She’s a seasoned podium dancer too, so let her help you get the party started!  Costume’s Available:  Cheetah Catsuit (above); Mirror Mirror (above, photo by Richard Gray @rugfoot); Cheeky Circus; Cowgirl …plus more!



 Anna the Hulagan has started to collaborate with Babsical Babs, a singer with years of experience performing across the globe.  As a double act we perform ‘Paradise Found’ together, with Babs’ version of ‘Ring of Fire’.

Click Here to WATCH and Use Password: cutthroat

HEAD AND BODY ACT (pictured above):  This is a truly unique performance….and one that is a work in progress!  The video below is just to give you an idea of the idea, we can perform this act, but we are also open to collaborating with producers, directors and other performers.  This is an act that can adapted to suit you!

Babsical Babs is a singing Head on a Plate.  Anna the Hulagan is her hula hooping headless body.  Together, we are Cutthroat Cabaret!

Click Here to WATCH and use Password: cutthroat


Starship Hoopers  11745475_870398796381186_7275100884755419997_n

The Starship Hoopers were created by Chivaree Circus in 2014.  By 2015 we were touring with Electronic music maestro, Jon Hopkins…what is in store for 2016?  We have featured on the BBC roundup of Glastonbury, as well as performing in front of 6,000 spectators at Latitude Festival…for a little idea of what a group of synchronised hoop dancers look like, click HERE!

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