Anna the Hulagan is a walkabout, club and stage performer.  For fees, costume ideas, themed events, please email

‘The Pheonix’

An ‘old school’ burlesque-themed act with a ‘neo-burlesque’ twist.  A feathered hoop is stripped before it is set on fire, and then the artist strips.  This can be performed for a corporate and young audience without the strip


Vitamin String Quartet’s version of ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Florence and the Machine’s ‘Dog Days are Over’


6mins 30 secs

Costume Options:  

I have multiple costumes for this act, from a super sparkly sliver/mirror ball option to a more classic vintage silhouette


Performed in 2016 at Cafe de Paris, London

Award Winning ‘Pheonix’ –  Feather/Fire Act12193395_10153745288741912_6292220561315612834_n303085_308142949318428_755295478_n

The artist won the Triple Crown Award at the World Burlesque Games, 2012 in London the first time this act was performed

‘The Pony’


This is a playful act that is perfect for Disco/Studio 54 themes, as well fantasy/fairytale.  The Pony arrives through the audience, interacting with the crowd. On stage an LED hoop is used, then the mask and tail removed before the artist lights her fire hoop.  This can be just an LED act (for venues not suitable for fire performance) too


A bespoke remix of Genuwine’s ‘Pony’ created by Andrea Biondo (i can send the track upon request)


4mins 30secs


Disco and Latex options, as well as ballgown for a super classy look!


2018 Showreel

(there are clips of the Pony in action in the showreel, but i can get a full video of the act upon request)


This act is a fantastic option for walkabout, even in small spaces as the artist has a mini hoop that can navigate crowds whilst also being a spectacle!

DiscoPony copy LED pony
‘Born Slippy’

This is a neon LED & Fire Hoop Act (although it can also just be an LED act)


A mash-up of Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ and ‘Sweet Sensations/Ride on Time’ created by Andrea Biondo (available upon request)


4mins 30secs


Available on request (for a glimpse, please see the Showreel


‘Paradise Found’

A little comedy and fire hoop routine which is ideal for Christmas shows, less scary Halloween shows and Western themes!  

A bored angel in heaven uses her halo to play with, then strips, lights hoop on fire and chooses to go down to hell


Carmen Burana’s ‘O Fortuna’ and Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’.

Duration:  6mins


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